December 16, 2010

Military Regime Rides on Oprah Mania

Oprah Winfrey, Forbes's Number 1 most powerful celebrity in the world is set to arrive in Fiji some time today.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum the illegal and treasonous Attorney General get's himself entrenched in the minutae of her arrival details and gushes like a girl about the enormous potential to Fiji as a celebrity holiday destination.

Oddly enough, despite the pending arrival of such a global celebrity, her own US Ambassador is not here to receive and keep an eye out for her, which signals that the visit could be a sudden one.

It also hints at the possibility that Oprah's political relationships could be a factor in the use of her star-power to softly, softly prod Fiji towards better behavior towards the USA and it's interests.

This is the United States of America that Bainimarama is wanting to take on after all and they don't muck around.

The proof as always will be in the pudding. It will be entertaining to watch the military regime change their tune regarding the USA after she leaves. 

Oprah can sway global opinion especially in terms of tourism destinations. And money is exactly what the regime needs, but doesn't have.

Bainimarama et al take note: the stand of the United States of America on Fiji is not going to change any time soon.

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