December 06, 2010

Who Pushed the Casino Idea?

Remember the bad idea to bring casino's to Fiji?

The idea that already has women's groups up in arms but was backed wholeheartedly by the malleable and equally treasonous tourism sector?

Gambling has tremendous social costs and there are no shortage of stats about this all over the globe.

But Fiji can thank Elizabeth Powell, a former flight attendant with Air Pacific and a former executive with Bed Bank  for pushing this idea.

Powell's credentials more aligned with the US rather than the South Pacific, boasts her as feats as having "led the development of hotel partnerships in US-gaming centers (Nevada, New Jersey and Mississippi) and resort destinations (Hawaii and Mexico)".

No wonder this underqualified-in-all-things-Fiji finds it fit to congratulate life guards in support of the illegal and treasonous Surfing Decree --- which was promoted by her personal sponsor, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

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