May 11, 2011

Bainimarama's desperation for UN peacekeeping opportunities becomes more apparent

The pressure is on for the illegal and treasonous military regime to perform miracles on the increasing risk of their military folks in retaining employment in the UN peacekeeping operations.

So much so, that the Fiji Ambassador (and military supporter) in NY is doing the rounds and holding meetings to talk-up Fiji's peacekeeping prowess.

They might want to take a hint from the fate suffered by Lt. Colonel Orisi Rabukawaqa, early last year.

Timely salute for Fiji Army in Baghdad

Fiji’s men and women of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces 1st Battalion serving in Baghdad are doing a difficult job in a dangerous environment and holding Fiji’s name high.

In thanking them, Fijian Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Peter Thomson said they were meeting standards of excellence expected of them.

Ambassador Thomson said he had heard nothing but praise from UN representatives in New York and Iraq for the battalion’s conduct of duties.

Ambassador Thomson was in Iraq from May 3 to 7 visiting the 1st Battalion, RFMF, at its Baghdad garrisons.

The United Nations Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) is protected by the UN Guard Unit (UNGU) made up of the 1st Battalion, at a strength of 223 Fijians led by Colonel Netani Rika.

Fiji’s Ambassador told UNGU he was in Iraq to show them the respect they deserved and to thank them on behalf of the Government and people of Fiji for their service.

With the draw-down of US Forces from Iraq he said the United Nations had to increase its security services for UNAMI. Accordingly Ambassador Thomson said he was in Baghdad for talks with UNAMI officials and to take the opportunity to inspect UNGU conditions on the ground.

The RFMF’s 1st Battalion has been in Iraq since 2004. It is tasked with guarding the facilities and personnel of the United Nations as they undertake their work of assisting the Iraqi people rebuild their nation after many decades of war.

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