May 08, 2011

Civil Service job cuts looms closer

Couched in what is now normal "double-speak" in Fiji, the impending second round of job cuts within the civil  service that caught our attention in March this year looms nearer and is now neatly phrased as a civil service "review".

This MUST be what the acting DPS for Information, and military kow-tower, Setaita Natai (who is btw doing a marvellous job in being the face of the still MIA Sharon Goebel Smith-Johns) means when people must be "pro-Fiji" --  another classic double-speak feat of idiocy.
Phase one complete in civil service review
Friday, May 06, 2011

The first phase of the review of the civil service to determine its size and resource allocation has been completed says Public Service Commission chairman Josefa Serulagilagi.

Serulagilagi says a draft report has been compiled and consultations on the findings and recommendations were completed last week with the ministries that were viewed.

He adds the Functional Review Project team is now assessing the comments and incorporating them in a report before it is presented to the Commission and to the Prime Minister.

Seruilagilagi says the functional review project will examine the current functions of Ministries in order to determine what functions are essential and which ones are not.

Non-essential functions will be recommended for divestment through outsourcing, commercialization or transfer to other Government agencies.

From the divestment and merging of functions, he adds Government would be able to focus on cost savings through a reduction in numbers and other related costs apart from salaries and wages

The first phase of the review involved the five major ministries of Government and included Health, Education, Transport Works and Public Utilities, Agriculture and Fisheries and Forests.

Report by: Roland Koroi

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