May 06, 2011

Regime to cough up to FRU the promised $3mill

Something went wrong with Bainimarama's plan to overhaul the FRU. While the stunt they pulled to rig the leadership of the rugby body in the military's favour, they now have to front up to the promise of the money (that they know they don't have).

The recent developments still do not guarantee a relaxation of travel bans for a number of those new appointments to the FRU (and any promising military players).

Someone give Tikoitoga an Oscar for pretending (on this issue) that he is not "government".
No other alternative for FRU: Tikoitoga
Friday, May 06, 2011

Newly elected Fiji Rugby Union board member Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga says the Fiji Rugby Union has no other alternative but to try and get the $3 million in assistance being offered by government.

Tikoitoga told FBC News he will assist the new board in trying to convince government to handover the $3 million to prepare the Flying Fijians for the World cup in September.

He says the only way to get the assistance from government is to do what government wants.

“I would like to think the FRU has no other alternative or no data alternative to take governments offer even if it means that some of the member will have to go to satisfy what the government wants and I think that government is working in the interest of the public to make sure that FRU runs in a more transparent and accountable manner to the public of Fiji.”

Tikoitoga was elected to the FRU board last Saturday.

Report by: Apisalome Coka

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