June 01, 2011

PSC Chairman, Josefa Serulagilagi can't pull the trigger

You know when the illegal and treasonous military regime, are hedging yet psyching themselves up for bad news when they release their usual convoluted statements.

In taking the liberty of breaking it down to plain and simple english, they tried to reduce costs in the civil service numbers by tinkering with freezing of posts, allowances of use of vehicles and an "apparent" savings of FJD$22million was realized.

The real savings that those at the senior levels of government know the government coffers needs, can only be realized if they let more people go.

It is becoming very apparent that Serulagilagi "cannot pull the trigger" on this one. He has been fudging about on the issue since May and before that in March. Yeah we see you Major Ned Taito.

Civil servants who are in the system and getting a whiff of the inevitable thanks to this illegal and treasonous military regime, might do well to start feathering their nests and arming themselves with evidence to all the various accounts of treason, illegality and rampant thievery of the government machinery that taxpayers pay for.

PSC on target to contain the cost of Public Service
Ministry of Information
May 30 |17:17 pm
The staff establishment control measures drawn up by the Public Service Commission together with Ministry of Finance in 2010 are showing positive results says the commission chairman Mr Josefa Serulagilagi.

The latest financial update by the Ministry of Finance states there are cost savings of over $22million for the first four months of 2011 for established and government wage earners.

PSC has put control measures such as better linkages between staffing establishment and payroll, freeze on appointment to common cadre positions, curtailment of appointments for new project positions and restrictions on acting and temporary appointments. 

There are also stringent controls in use of vehicles and payment of various types of allowances

Mr Serulagilagi said the commission would continue to pursue its civil service reform programs to right size the Public Service and bring about efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.

The functional review of the Public Service identified measures that could reduce operating costs of the public service.

There are opportunities for outsourcing, amalgamation, mergers and reorganisation.

PSC in 2011 relaxed some control measures such as the lifting of the freeze on appointments for established staff in priority areas and engagement of project officers and wage earners on case by case basis.  

However, the commission will continue to vigorously monitor these control measures. 

In this regards, the central agencies will work closely to ensure savings and gains made so far are consolidated and sustained.

Mr Serulagilagi said the commission would work on identifying new efficiency measures such as the full utilisation of e-government and higher levels of automation.

Business process re-engineering is another approach to restructure ministries and departments which provides opportunities for Government to reduce the salaries and wages which constitute 41 per cent of total operating expenditure.

Government is not only keen and committed to bringing the size and cost of public service down but also ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services is not compromised in any way.



Anonymous said...

So they've reduced Government spending by freezing posts and holding off on allowances. In essence the people carrying out the work are being asked to do more work for less money with some tasks well above their paygrade. The end result will be a deterioration in Government services. Funny how the military is exempt from any of these financial reductions especially as they are the biggest abusers of graft....

Anonymous said...

Reducing government spending becausing we using the all governments funds to pay for the highly paid AG $640,000, PM of $700,000 and his miniters, which totals up to 8 million a year of tax payers. The illegal government seem to be contracdicting themselves..stop the deceiption and be transparent..families, and public will suffer from your cost cutting bullshit , coz some kids wont eat , and go to school while you leave luxury life with our taxpayers funds..