February 02, 2012

Ratu Tevita Mara: The dictator Bainimarama threatens Namosi Land Owners with the military.

A source from the PM’s office has revealed to me the details of the meeting that took place between the illegal ruler of Fiji and the Land owners of Namosi. In his opening address to the Land owners the illegal self appointed Prime Minister said “The last thing I want to see is this situation prolonged and having to send the military up there to sort it out”

Bainimarama announced to the country when he was on his last overseas jaunt he would take over the negotiations between the land owners and the Newcrest Joint Venture Company. We now know why. If any one else handled the negotiations the Land owners might get their way and deprive Bainimarama and Khaiyum of their big Mining payoff.

This is not negotiating as we know it. This is negotiating Dictator Style. This is where the dictator tells the rightful landowners of Namosi they have no say in the future of their province, because Bainimarama and his soldiers call all the shots. This is hard evidence that Fiji is ruled by the power of the gun.

I was sent the following from my source. “Dou ciqoma na veivakatorocaketaki e kauta tiko yani na matanitu, ena kalougata kina na nomudou vanua, vakavure cakacaka kei vakaduri bisinisi eso. Kena toso tiko ga na vakaduduile e sana keitou sana muri tale edua na gaunisala kaukauwa na matanitu. Nai otioti ni ka au via raica ke mani toso tikoga na leqa oqo keitou sana vakaqiqica yani e cake qori na mataivalu."

An English translation is below, “You people accept development this Regime is bringing to your province, your province will be blessed by it, and it will bring employment and business as well.  If you continue with your indifferences against this regime, we will take a harder approach. The last thing I want to see is this situation prolonged and having to send the military up their to sort it out”

The land owners have nowhere to turn. The Government spin doctor Sharon Smith Johns is trying to portray Bainimarama as the saviour of the Fijian people. She is trying to tell us that he is the only prime minister who has ever worried about their development and invested in infrastructure in rural areas. That is patently not true and here in a closed meeting we learn the true colours of a dictator. “Do as I say and I will give you things. Don’t do as I say and I will give you a bullet.”

Bainimarama does not believe in land owners rights in Namosi. His puppet master Khaiyum has convinced him all minerals belong to the government and so the regime can do what it wants and to hell with the Namosi Landowners.

This is a very difficult situation for the Namosi Land owners. How do they save their province, how do they save their fields, how do they save their rivers, how do they save their way of life? If they try and they will be shot for their troubles. 

Taking the dictators approach forward what does it say for the constitutional discussions that are supposed to happen this year? What happens when a participant pushes for something the Dictator does not want? 

Bainimarama will use the same negotiating tactic. “Shut Up or I will send the military to pick you up and take you to the camp!”

People of Fiji understand there will be no free and fair elections in 2014. We have seen in January how the dictator manipulates votes and then if he does not get the right result he uses government backed institutions to punish the “guilty” party.

We see here how Bainimarama negotiates dictates an outcome. It will be the same in 2014 the negotiated constitution will be so in his favour the result is a foregone conclusion. And if by chance the result goes against Frank he will simply take over the country with the military once again.


Anonymous said...

RUM..Please come home and lead the fight...remember your words will follow you wherever you go!

Stop posting from there and just try and finish off what you promised the nation!

If you can't, then just shut up and do not regard us as your people!

Anonymous said...

Kerea mo qai mai......sa kua na vaka tiko qori!!!! Me da mai valu vata eke!!!
Sa sega ni dua e via vakabauti iko!!! Sega ni dua na veisau o kauta mai, o kauta tiko ga mai na duidui!!!