May 18, 2012

FLP: Get your facts right, Mr Khaiyum

[posted 17 May 2012, 1615]

The regime’s Attorney General Aiyaz Khaiyum’s constant rhetoric that political parties have not contested elections without an ethnic agenda, is just crap.

The FLP invites him to study the Fiji Labour Party election manifesto of 1999, 2001 and 2006 and see if he can point out an ethnic agenda there. FLP is founded on a multiracial concept and has always fought elections on issues rather than a racial agenda.

The Party is responding to a statement he gave Radio New Zealand decrying reports that the regime was forming a political party to contest the 2014 general elections.

Mr Khaiyum appears to have forgotten Commodore Bainimarama’s recent statement to Radio Australia that he was not ruling out contesting the elections in 2014.

As for the racial agenda of political parties, he would do well to look beyond his own rhetoric to scrutinize the actions and appointments to senior positions in the public service of this regime before he starts casting stones at others.

On his comment about “politicians who are feeling like fish out of water among a new generation of voters” – what we would like to say to him is to come clean and stop beating around the bush about contesting the next elections – 2014 is not far off and we will then see who feels like “fish out of water”.

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Anonymous said...

Where were you Khaiyum when thru the power of the people,the FLP was voted in to form a legal government..your days are numbered cos what you say today will one day come to haunt you and if I see your name in Bhais party come the elections,I wouldn't be surprised and sadly you and Bhai won't get my vote so bugger off and shut up!!