May 16, 2012

Radio Fiji: Constitutional Commission to look for sponsors

17:36 Tue May 15, 2012
Report by: Masimeke Latiniara

The Constitutional Commission is to be financially independent.

Although Government has allocated the new wing at Parliament House to be the headquarters of the Commission, it will have to find sponsors.

Taufa Vakatale – a member of the Commission told FBC News the bulk of the Commission’s finance will have to be negotiated by the members.

She says the Commission will be advertising its staff requirements and it will have to find the money to pay them and members of the Commission

The head of the Commission Professor Yash Ghai has left the country and will return next month.

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Fiji Supporter said...

This is strange. If the Interim Government wants a new constitution established you would think that they would fund it. Maybe they want the Commission to be seen to be independent of the Government but give the track record of the IG who is going to believe that anyway?

So what happens if nobody else gives sufficient funding for the Commission to do its job? Or is it a way of getting overseas funds from foreign governments into Fiji? Or will the IG say, "there you are nobody wants a new constitution and so we will have to give you one"?

Any funding by the IG comes from the taxpayer anyway and so why wouldn't the Government fund something of national interest?

Weird. There has to be some ulterior motive here.