September 14, 2009

"Get It On Before You Get It On" - HE The President of Fiji

We kid you not. These were the exact words (check 2:32 mark of vid) of the Rt Epeli Nailatikau, the Acting President of Fiji.

Granted he was speaking on the issue of HIV/AIDS and targetting the youths in his message HOWEVER the tone and approach of this speech was most unbecoming, unclassy and unworthy of a statement originating from the highest office in the land.

But then again this is to be expected. He would have never smelled the Presidency if the normal processes of the Great Council of Chiefs appointments had been followed.


Night Rider said...

you mean great council of thieves

Anonymous said...

Seriously? The focus was HIV/AIDS a disease that is killing millions of people around the globe every year. Instead of focusing on the prevention message the President was delivering this blog detracted from that because of the line, "get it on before you get it on". Report the important news instead of complaining about irrelevant details. If you can't don't contribute at all.

Anonymous said...

hahahah...that was real funny...i watched the news and laughed...with great emabrrasment also that such a man would say such things to the public....he publicly humiliated himself...a public unveiling, revealing the true condition of their appointment....a sad and sorry mistake BIG TIME!!

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon 12:51

Get a GRIP and realize the the blog clearly states that no one refutes his messaage.

In fact good on him for standing up on the HIV/AIDS prevention (and btw last time I checked abstinence was a 100% effective preventative message) but for someone purporting to be holding the highest office in the land, his colloquial tryna-be-hip approach SUCKED and many viewers I am sure felt embarrassed for him.

We deserve better leadership. Or can you see Obama saying something like that? Uhhh that's right -- hell to the NAW would that ever happen.

See what we're saying? It's about CLASS which is sadly missing from those of his ilk within the IIG.