September 08, 2009

Keep The Racket Down Jesus Strategizers!

Week after week the CBD of Suva has been subjected to noisy convulsions from the conveniently crime-free and Jesus-strategizing Police Force.

If your ear drums aren't taking a beating from the audio emanations from Sukuna Park, then one surely didn't escape the din during the after-work rush at the main Suva bus-stand yesterday arvo.

Apart from the total nuisance they're making of themselves to the otherwise somber end-of-the-work-day wind-down for many of us bus-riding citizens, the racket PLUS dancing (yep that's right folks, DANCING coppers) is enough to send us scurrying to the nearest sila sellers for ammo.

In case these law enforcements officers need reminding, a legal precedent has already been set in the High Court where noise pollution (such as this) has been considered a breach of Penal Code S. 187 – common nuisance.

The case is State v Sang: [2008] FJHC 11; HAA127.07 (1 February 2008).

Many thanks to this studious legal student for that little gem of knowledge by way of a term-paper.

We will welcome cellular phone footage of the bus-stand shenanigan's for entertainment value folks. Email them through to:

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