September 03, 2009

Our Now is Grim

The outlook for Fiji is looking extremely grim at this present time thanks to the self-appointed military regime currently holding our country to ransom.

The Commonwealth has suspended us.

Government funded institutions that are supposed to offer basic services like running water, can't even do that, preferring instead to corporatize and hit the taxpaying citizens in the back-pocket anyway for sub-par services.

The electricity monopoly aka the FEA is a classic example of bad investment decisions where taxpaying citizens are arrogantly expected to pick up the tab quietly.

Taxpaying superannuation shareholder's are also being subjected to bad investment decisions and are also expected to bear these costs silently in their twilight years.

The cost of living for the taxpaying citizenry has also gotten worse. The price of bread's gone up, so too has the price of milk.

Meanwhile taxpaying citizens have to endure and continue paying for pot-smoking and jesus-strategizing cops.

If our NOW looks grim, our future is equalling worrying. School children in the East will be without teachers in Term 3 as the teachers did not get "processed" as per new licensing regulations.

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