September 04, 2009

Will the Idiocy Never End?

So now Rewa Dairy think's it ok to lay another Con-Job down and hit consumers in the pockets AGAIN.

And get this. Rewa Dairy CEO say's:
"in light of high costs Rewa Dairy has had to maintain in order to sustain a local industry, support farmers and pay overseas creditors"
What the hell is this? How is it that these supposed Execs continue to get the idea that consumers will sign blank cheques and bail them out whenever they can't do what they're being paid to do?

Meanwhile the illegal and treasonous coup master, Frank Bainimarama, has flown the coup to look for money in Commonwealth country, Malaysia.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes it will! When the totality of idiots are attained by the idiots involved in this idiocacy! Then the clever ones will devour them to death!