December 02, 2010

Could Rt Epeli Nailatikau be the next to be shown the door?

The MTVVL blogosphere is twittering about the possible exit of the illegal and treasonous President, Rt Epeli Nailatikau from his place in the inner circle of the military regime.

Read it here.

There are also whispers that due to the fiscal diarrhea now plaguing the nation (and further supported by Prof Wadan Narsey's analysis of the recent budget fracas), the compulsory age of 55 years could be brought down to 52 years of age.

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tamaikuru said...

Bainimarama can run but can not hide, just like that popular movie "The X File" - The Truth is out there!!! Now with what we have seen in the middle east(Protest) The fijian will be the next to do it from the South Pacific.

Listening to a Muslim Man will bring him down as well as the Govt, but that Muslim must also better be on alert since he has been playing with fire by trying to remove Military personel from the FMF.