December 04, 2010

To March or Not To March -- that is the question....

A letter penned by "Samuella Bale" (2 "l"'s??) was posted on the Fiji Today blog highlighting the serious risks to this initiative.

But Mr Bale is right. Taking to the streets with the PER in place is indeed risky and it is critical that decisions taken by would-be marchers are well informed.

So to help would-be marchers make an informed choice, we pose a few questions based on the information that is before us:
  1. What is the guarantee that would-be marchers will be protected by army/police who would undoubtedly be sent clear orders to control the crowds? Does it smell a bit too much like the orchestrated marches that gave way to the coup of 2000?
  2. If the police/army will let the march happen without raising a finger, what has brought this about? Is the military regime's alliance cracking? Is it because Bainimarama's key hatchet-men: Mara, Driti, Leweni, Tikoitoga, Teleni etc have either been sent packing back to barracks or shut out? And frankly why should we give a damn about their internal falling out when we essentially want them all locked up?
  3. Why is the march approaching the illegal and treasonous President with a petition? Is this not a public show in acknowledgement and acceptance of an illegal and treasonous appointment?
  4. As per the petition that is supposed to be delivered to the illegal and treasonous President, who has seen it? Is there a draft petition floating around? Are would-be marchers supposed to sign it without fully understanding who this interim administration is supposed to consist of? Or are there more opportunists just waiting in the wings to give us more of the same? If so who are they -- Military Council, SDL, FLP, NFP etc?
  5. If the President is supposedly holding all this power why hasn't he done something on his own accord? Or is he still very much beholden to Bainimarama? If he is, what assurance is there that he will be moved by such a public display?
  6. Is this march once again politically motivated? Is it because some are waiting to use the crisis of opportunity such as the fragmented military for political gain?
  7. Is this march simply using the opportunity of Bainimarama's apparent illness to get back at Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum who is clearly using Bainimarama's crisis for his opportunities?
  8. WHO is the face of the march that will control any frenzy's?
Until these key questions are answered with clarity and an absolute guarantee that can stand up in a court of law, we also would urge would-be marchers to treat this initiative with caution.


Ateca V said...

Agree - it is fraught with danger for our young people and women folk especially as we have out of control power mad freaks masquerading as police and soldiers in Fiji. I am so ashamed of what we have come to as a people ... tribe fighting tribe, clan fighting clan and chiefs and leaders proving as lily livered as as soggy shoelaces.

I weep for my Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with 'Keep the Faith', in terms of the questions he/she has posted.These are very rational questions , which we must ask ourselves before even consider to support the march. The purpose of the march as stated by the organisers is genuine but the questions is whether the approach used by the organisers is effective and its potential to succeed is guaranteed.

Cpt. T said...



Save Fiji Movement wishes to answer the questions raised by the media on the creditability of the March on 10TH December 2010. We maintain that is the march that will be coordinated by the people of Fiji with full support from the security forces.

We also are concern about people’s security as we maintain that the march should be peaceful and in God’s Time.

Therefore the executive council of planners that includes senior civil servants and security forces members have today resolved that we all will participate on the march on Anti Corruption to be held on 9TH December 2010: we will use the government organized march to voice our demands:

We call upon all the citizens of Fiji “the ordinary men and women” to participate in this march on the 9Th December to demonstrate to the President of Fiji those we:

• Demand answers on corruption by the current Regime
• Demand answers on the provincialism in RFMF and government workforces
• Demand answers on the corruption in Sugar Industry
• Demand answers on the corrupt practices by the government for abusing FNPF funds.
• Demand answers on international tenders and Casino operators
• Demand answers on the piling debts on the people of Fiji
• Demand answers on the unjustified treatment of businesses with decrees.

Come out now and save Fiji, we will stand by to protect our children who will be paying so many debts this government is piling up. Save Fiji from corruption and our statement to the junior officers RFMF and Police officers who are getting their pay and keeping quiet is:

“Don’t be used for corruption, come out of your shells and stand for this nation”


Press Secretary
Fiji People Movement (Forward Command Operations Centre)