March 04, 2011

Commerce Commission wins tiff with Vodafone

Dr Mahendra Reddy lives to fight another day.
Voting to be opened to all mobile network
Ministry of Information
Mar 03 |15:18 pm

The Commerce Commission confirmed that Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (FASANOC) and Vodafone Fiji Limited have decided to open voting opportunities to all mobile networks.

This is after the search and seizure of information from the Vodafone Tamavua office by the commission on Tuesday.

“FASANOC upon the execution of the search warrant sent an email to the commission that Vodafone has changed its position and is now willing to allow voting by all. And thereafter sent a FAX confirming they will release an advertisement in this regard,” commission chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy said.

“We had to search and seize all relevant information relating to ‘2010 Fiji Sports Personality of the Year Award’ the conduct of which led to breach of provisions of Commission Decree 2010. These are used to frame charges based on breach and also produced in court as evidence.”

Several documents including draft agreement, letters and voting list were obtained.

The commission hopes the advertisement will be sent out today.

Dr Reddy stressed the commission was monitoring the situation and hoped all votes were taken into consideration and that there would be no further breach.


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