March 02, 2011

Regime manipulates election system

The military regime stubbornly bulldozes their unrepresentative, illegal and treasonous elections hype in a desperate and frenzied campaign to resuscitate the flat-lined "Charter" exercise.

Despite the warm and fuzzy rhetoric, the key missing element of credible endorsement from those being governed-- that is We The People -- automatically ensures that their best laid policies and decrees will all come to naught.
All open seats in new election system
Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Political parties will only be able to contest for open constituencies in the next general election says the Director of Strategic Framework for Change office Joeli Besetimoala.

Besetimoala told FBC News the new laws governing election campaigns intends to promote racial harmony as politicians will need to target all races in order to win a seat.

He says in the past, politicians would target a particular group or ethnicity to win a seat and this caused racial division.

This he says will change in 2014.

“The voting system dictates the composition of political parties - the voting system that will come in the next coming election – it will be the Open-list Proportional Voting System – there won’t be any ethnically based voting, the communal seats will be done away with and we can call the seats to be open seats, so if you want to appeal to particular ethnic group to win the election the voting system will be un-friendly to you so it will not allow any particular party to that level.”

Work on the new electoral system is continuing.

Report by: Sekope Toduadua

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