August 24, 2011

Dubai Investors target Fiji Tourism sector

All that schmoozing in the Middle East by the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama and his boss Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is paying off, with multi-million dollar investors from the "Middle East" now eyeing Fiji's lucrative tourism sector as well as Fiji's strategic point in the middle of the "US Lake".

The Fiji Labour Party's concerns in 2008 on the possible sale of our airports and ports to investors in Dubai is perhaps seeing itself re-morphed into a more "appropriate" lever.

Nonetheless it is quite telling now how Fiji's foray into the 'non-aligned movement' (NAM) circle of friends also comes with privileges befitting "friends with benefits" relationships as such.
Resort project for island
Maciu Malo
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A MULTI million tourism project is about to start at Yasawa-i-Rara soon, funded by an investor from the Middle-East.

This was confirmed by Commissioner Western Co¡m¡mander Joeli Cawaki following a successful meeting with the landowners this week.

He said the investor from Dubai would be constructing three resorts and an airstrip on the island.

"This is one of the biggest tourism projects in the Yasawas and also for Fiji as a whole and the people of Yasawa-i-Rara will benefit from this investment," Cdr Cawaki said.

"The three resorts are a multi-million dollar project. We had a successful meeting with the landowners last week and we are just finalising some lease documentation before the project starts."

Cdr Cawaki said talks were continuing with the investor and the clearing of lands would start once paper works for the lease of land were completed.

He said the investor was willing to work with Government and landowners to promote tourism.

"The meeting with the landowners is to sort out some of the land issues with regards to the new project.

"All these have been resolved and the Government thanked the villagers for their co-operation. The investor has indicated his willingness to start with the project and the Government will make sure that there is no obstruction whatsoever by the landowners or anyone for that matter.

"The new project will be a big breakthrough to the people of Yasawa in terms of improved standard of living."

Mr Cawaki said the new project would offer many employment opportunities for the villagers.

"Tourism has improved the standard of living of most Fijian villages and the people of Yasawa-i-Rara are fortunate." He said the project was expected to start before the year end.

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