August 19, 2011

Another Son of Fiji and the Pacific takes a hit for Fiji's Freedom

Fellow blog C4.5 has broken very disheartening news that Professor Wadan Narsey, an upstanding and unwavering advocate for Fiji's Freedom drawing on the illegal and treasonous military regime's flawed and inept economic policies as evidence, has most probably been unjustly culled from his position at the University of the South Pacific (USP) by the regime via a key coup stooge, the Vice Chancellor Rajesh Chandra.

Prof Rajesh Chandra has more or less paved the way for more his friends within USP Labour mafia circles such as Dr Ganesh Chand to set up a rival university in this country and has had an extremely jumpy academic career running back and forth between institutions of higher education in what can only be explained as an ambitious need to stay on top.

Intelligentsiya knew way back in February 2009, that the regime would use the regionally owned institution, the University of the South Pacific, as a whipping boy for regional retaliation.

This time around however Prof Chandra and Khaiyum have grossly misread the extent of their "powers".

For starters, Prof Narsey's extensive teaching career has tutored and earned him the respect of hordes of Pacific Islanders in positions of power today in their various home countries and even all over the globe.

But more importantly once word on Prof Narsey's injustice becomes validated, the University of the South Pacific's (which is a CROP Agency of the Pacific and owned by 12 independent and sovereign Pacific Island Countries and boasts a governing charter that is royally endorsed), University Council comprising high-level regional member countries might need to assess whether a breach of the USP Council's code of conduct and its statutes has occurred.

Equally compelling is the possibility that "academic freedom" within the region's so-called premier institution that had bred next generations of Pacific leaders, could be escalated upwards for the highest level of Pacific political power who meet in New Zealand next month, to deal with. They are already are very aware of how bad our situation remains, 5 years on.

Speaking of New Zealand, the Fiji team is still trying their luck to get a military officer into Aoetearoa for the rugby world cup. As the Fiji team officials are either deaf, blind or stupid, they might like to get the hint via Gandalf.

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