August 10, 2011

Radio Aust: Fraenkel vs Davis - Elections or No Elections in 2014?

Once again, Graham Davis tries to be relevant in the bigger scheme of all things Fiji-related by supporting Bainimarama's illegal and treasonous takeover of Qarase's "racist" government and pitifully tries to deny that he is IN FACT part of the illegal and treasonous military regime's "campaign" (to use his own word).

Davis obviously did not get the memo that his privilege of rolling around with Fijian natives attending church services every Sunday and donning a token suluvakataga and bula shirt in his teen years, hardly gives him a mandate in this debate.
Debate on if, or when Fiji will return to democratic rule
Updated August 9, 2011 17:18:08

Since December 2006, two of the most hotly debated issues have been, if, or when Fiji will return to democratic rule.

And last weekend in Australia two people with two different opinions on the issue, went head to head on national radio.

Dr Jon Fraenkel, from the Australian National University has taught and worked in Fiji, and since 2006 has expressed the view that the coup was unjustified.

He said the promises made by coup leader and interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama, of a return to elected government, will not be kept.

Graham Davis, is a Fiji born journalist and political commentator, who is one of the few western journalists who has interviewed Commodore Bainimarama.

He has written that Australia and New Zealand should re-engage with Fiji and that the Commodore's stated purpose is to ensure that his country has a harmonious multi-racial future, a view that's seen him vilified by some as coup sympathiser.

The two men took part in a debate on Radio National hosted by presenter Mike Wood, which at times became a shouting match.

Dr Fraenkel was the first to speak, when asked if the Australian and New Zealand travel sanctions, which have been in place since 2006, are the right sort of tough love.

Presenter: Michael Woods from Radio National
Speakers: Graham Davis a Fiji born Australian journalist and political commentator; Jon Fraenkel, from the School of International, Political and Strategic Studies, at the Australian National University
Listen here.

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