August 31, 2011

Tikoitoga miffed at NZ travel ban

As expected and predicted, the illegal and treasonous Col Mosese Tikoitoga, really was miffed about being snubbed entry into New Zealand for the rugby world cup despite all his indignantly hollow protestations. 

So much so, Tikoitoga is retaliating by shooting from the shoulders of a supposedly "apolitical" sporting body, against a sovereign nation's decision about who it will and will not let step foot into their country.

The "apolitical" whine sounds altogether too familiar to another pro-military sporting official, Vidya Lakhan, who saw first hand in Noumea what happens to "apolitical" points of view, by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

We already told you Tikoitoga. You Shall Not Pass.

FRU to lodge official complaint to IRB
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Fiji Rugby Union will lodge an official complaint against the New Zealand Government to the International Rugby Board regarding the rejection of FRU Chairman Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga's visa application.

Tikoitoga told FBC News he knew the visa would be rejected - but the application had to be made to allow the New Zealand Government to make an official stand.

He says it is unfortunate that New Zealand has imposed politics upon an international event such as the Rugby World Cup.

"If they want to mix politics and sports then they must make it clear to the IRB and they should not be holding international tournaments if they're going to sanction who can come and play and who can’t. Unfortunately that is the stand they have taken and FRU, as such, will make its feelings known to IRB."

Tikoitoga applied for a New Zealand visa last week to accompany the Flying Fijians to the Rugby World Cup and says he has received official word from the New Zealand Government that his visa has been rejected.

Report by: Roland Koroi

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