August 05, 2011

Fiji "diplomats" boast military prowess

Thanks to Michael Field's web-site, we reproduce here chilling images, publicly hosted by the Foreign Affairs divisions social media sites aiding their "publicity".

Yes that's right folks. While taxpayers tussle with hiked prices to staples such bread, butter and fuel, this illegal and treasonous bungling lot cavort around the world on public funds, re-living their juvenile delinquent years to play cowboys and injuns in the desert.

If this is the kind of publicity that they want Fiji to be proud of, hot on the heels of the announcement that Fiji is one of 21 Vice-Presidents for the upcoming 66th session of the UN General Assembly, it should be no surprise at all to regional watchers that Fiji's tragic coup epidemic has spread like wildfire across Melanesia.



"Surprisingly, these men are proud of themselves. So is the Fiji military regime regime. These pictures have just been published by the Fiji Ministry of Foreign Affairs on their Flickr photostream. It will be intriguing to see how long the photos remain there though - which is why the above photos are screen captures. The Flirkr urls are below: watch how long they last.

These men were guarding - or posing - with the military appointed president Epeli Nailatikau as he toured the Sinai desert.

No doubt our two heroes were poised to take out any threatening camels."

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convolutedexperiment said...

If these guys are the calibre of the RFMF Soldiers, it's no wonder Fiji is in such a poor state of affairs !

How bazaar !