January 28, 2012

RFMF donates to Bainimarama's ailing flood appeal

Isa. This would be a total gaff if it weren't so tragic.

While Kubuabola sucks up to Australia and lies through his teeth for favours, the illegal and treasonous military's favourite non-voting (read: irrelevant) and token Pacific US Congressman from American Samoa pitches in to help out.

Alas it will all come to nought. The donors have had enough of being conned, so they're diverting flood assistance directly to relief aid workers.

Bainimarama's boys come to their chief's rescue with their pitiful face-saving graciousness in the hope that they can stir up a flood of compassionate reciprocity from other sectors in the community (backed up no less with some good ol' boots on the jugular "motivation" to business houses).

Military gives $10K to PM's flood appeal
Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces has given $10,000 to the Prime Ministers Flood Appeal Fund.

Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga presented the cheque to the Prime Minister yesterday.

Permanent Secretary for Provincial Development, Inia Seruiratu was also present at the cheque presentation. Donations to the Prime Ministers Appeal Fund can be made to the Bank of the South Pacific account number 4706578.

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation through its television and radio stations is supporting the Prime Minister's Flood Appeal Fund.

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FijiGirl said...

$10,000 is pretty measly change when you compare it to the havoc and devastation this illegal regime has wreaked on our beloved country, our people, our economy, our ecology, our hopes and our aspirations. When you add it all up, it's actually insulting.
God bless Fiji.