April 27, 2009

If it’s really your 55th birthday…

…then do the honorable and step out, down and into oblivion as your own decree mandates you to.

Seeing as the whole world knows that such a move would be contrary to your ego or psychological make-up, here’s something you should do to commemorate the day the planet welcomed your sorry person into it.

Remember the money you accumulated in your personal kitty after our devastating floods?

‘Fess up and tell the world how you’ve spent it. Lest you validate what the region and globe already know -- that you are a common thug, thief, usurper, enemy of the state, and man of sedition.

While you’re doing that you can also release the findings of the outgoing Auditor General’s report on the money you stole from public coffers?

Here’s your bill by the way:

There’s a tally also available here.

Thankfully these states wouldn’t trust you within an inch of their hard-earned taxpaying funds and wisely got relief agencies to disburse it:

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