December 25, 2012

Fiji draft constitution to be published on website very soon

Posted at 01:54 on 24 December, 2012 UTC

A member of Fiji’s Constitution Commission, Peni Moore, says the country’s draft constitution will be available on the Commission’s website very soon.

The commission’s chairperson, Professor Yash Ghai, handed the draft to Fiji’s President on Friday before leaving the country this morning.

He had earlier expressed disappointment the Fiji regime had scrapped the Commission’s job of getting public feedback on its proposals to be debated next year in the Constituent Assembly.

Ms Moore says 599 hard copies of the draft constitution are now at the office of the interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

    “And I’m actually recommending that people ask the Prime Minister’s office whether they can get copies. We were advised those copies would be used for the Constituent Assembly but we don’t assume there will be that many (needed for the CA), so it would be nice if people could access it.”

Peni Moore says the commssion’s explanatory report on the draft will also be published on the web.

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