May 24, 2013



 Fiji Prime Minister was in Lourdes alongside Jean-Pierre Artiganave (Pyrénéesinfo Lourdes Henry Soulet).
Fiji Prime Minister was in Lourdes alongside Jean-Pierre Artiganave (Pyrénéesinfo Lourdes Henry Soulet).
Wednesday, May 15, 2013, Jean-Pierre Artiganave Mayor Lourdes, and his principal deputies gave a friendly reception in the halls of City Hall in honor of Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, commonly known as Frank Bainimarama, Fiji 1 Minister . He was accompanied by a delegation from which were his wife Maria Makitaléna and one of his daughters on a private visit in our region and Lourdes.
It is through an interpreter that the exchanges were made. The reception attended by Jean-Baptiste Peyrat sub-prefect of the district, Stephanie Lacoste Beaucens Mayor and the Director General of Services François Roussel-Devaux, allowed Jean-Pierre Artiganave deliver this high personality medal Lourdes, and his wife and daughter, along with two beautiful bouquets of flowers. Jean-Pierre Garuet, deputy mayor sports, found in the delegation some worthy opponents he met during his distinguished career in the colors of the XV of France. The first minister signed the Golden Book of the city of Lourdes. A reception was an opportunity to share more than official friendly relations between elected Lourdais and Fijian delegation.
Frank Bainimarama is from the  village of  Kiuva  the Kaba Peninsula,  Province Tailevu .  He is the brother of Ratu Meli Bainimarama  and  Ratu Timoci Bainimarama , two senior officials. He is a graduate of Marist Brothers High School in Suva. He is married to  Maria Makitalena , with whom he has six children and several grandchildren. He is a sports enthusiast with a particular passion for rugby and athletics. He also served as chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union , and takes a keen interest in military history and current affairs.
The interim Prime Minister of Fiji has publicly stated his intention to resign from his position as commander in chief of the armed forces in order to stand for election in 2014.
In an interview with  Radio Fiji Two,  the author of the military coup in 2006, said he will leave his post as military commander to stand for election, but noted that all senior officers of the army shared his vision of Fiji Fiji where each would be treated on an equal footing. N Frank Bainimarama has not revealed whether he intended to create a political party before the elections.
Pyrénéesinfo Lourdes Henry Soulet.


Keli said...

haha - busted !

On a private trip to Lourdes for some holy water for Maria Makitalena eh - but using public funds from Fiji citizens.

How ferking nice for some.

Anonymous said...

Is Mr Vocea eyeing the lady at the back?

Keli said...

Positively LEERING ! No diplomatic finesse whatsoever. ROFL

FDN said...

A blogger from France posted some comments on our site about the impact the visit of a tin-pot dictator had in the town of Lourdes.

Comments by bloggers translated courtesy of Google Translate include the following:

"Fiji is ostracized by the international community and its representatives, including the Prime Minister received at Lourdes are stigmatized for having suspended the democratic functioning in 2006 by a military coup."

"It is a pity that journalists let themselves be fooled by a simple pat on the back and your hometown our good mayor and to refrain from doing their job by checking the information."

The bloggers noted the Torture Video, which had been featured in Tahitian media and invited people to make up their own minds.

"We'll let you judge, noting that, all things being equal, when Sarkozy is compromised with Gaddafi, the result was that Gaddafi Hush and Sarkozy lost."

It seems the blogger thinks the Mayor of Lourdes runs the risk of winding up like Sarkozy. If Frank read this he might like to think about avoiding the end that Gaddafi met!!