September 20, 2013

FNU saves thousands through Unifarm

07:00 Today

The Fiji National University is already making huge savings from the purchase of a two hundred acre farm land in Navua widely known as the Unifarm.
The local University saves seven hundred thousand dollars a year on chickens, eggs and meat.

Unifarm currently has close to nine hundred cows which are producing nine litres of milk a day.

NFU’s Chief Research Officer Dr Isimeli Tagicakivarata says, the Unifarm concept is quiet distinct from other agriculture training institutions in the country.

“The difference before those previous programs and the one offered at FNU is that it’s of a higher level, higher education standards because it’s an elevation from a diploma to degree program at University level. Everything is on a grander scale.”

Unifarm hopes to lure young people into commercial agriculture, promote self sufficiency in locally produced products, promote the idea of import substitution and help students get practical experience in whatever field of agriculture they’ve chosen.

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