September 12, 2013

Lodhia says no approval was given by FNPF Board

Publish date/time: 11/09/2013 [07:01]
A former board member of the Fiji National Provident Fund, Himmat Lodhia was shown the minutes of a FNPF board meeting of 2nd December, 2005 in the Suva High Court yesterday.

The former FNPF General Manager and CEO, Olota Rokovunisei and former deputy general manager, Foana Nemani were also present in that FNPF board meeting.

Lodhia when cross examined by FICAC lawyer, Rashmi Aslam said that Rokovunisei highlighted in the board meeting, that he was going to oversee the Investment Division until a new appointment is made.

Aslam asked Lodhia if there was any approval given by the Board, for Nemani to pay Rokovunisei a responsibility allowance for looking after the Investment of FNPF.

Lodhia said there was no approval from the Board and the CEO was not entitled to receive any extra allowance.

Lodhia who was a FNPF board member from 2002 to 2006 during cross examination by FICAC said that Nemani could not approve any allowance without the green light given by the Board and the Higher Salaries Commission.

Nemani is charged with one count of extortion by public officer and one count of abuse of office.

Nemani was reported to have gone to New Zealand for medical treatment in 2011.

The case resumes this morning in absentia.

Story by: Tokasa Rainima

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