September 10, 2013

Standard Concrete produces Aglime, a first or Fiji

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Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forests, Lieutenant-Colonel Inia Seruiratu (second row, fifth from left), Fiji Holdings Limited chairman Iowane Naiveli (second row, third from right), Acting Australian Head of Mission, Glen Miles, and members of Lime Task Force and stakeholders.  In front of them are samples of the 40kg Aglime bags that will be available immediately. Photo: MINFO NEWSThe newly launched local agriculture lime – known as Aglime – has been dubbed by Minister for Agriculture Lieutenant-Colonel Inia Seruiratu as the catalyst for farming efficiency in Fiji.

With it manufactured locally for the first time, farmers can now breathe a sigh of relief as the price of such imported lime has been too much for many to afford.

Now farmers could pay less than half the cost of imported agriculture lime.

Lime is the ingredient used to reduce the acidity of soil, an ongoing problem for farmers in the country.

The new product was developed by Standard Concrete Industries Limited (SCI) in partnership with the Market Development Facility (MDF), AusAID’s job creation and income generation programme for the poor.

In launching the product, Lieutenant-Colonel Inia Seruiratu said: “There has not been a local manufacturer of aglime in Fiji and whatever little aglime that has been used in Fiji have all been imported.”

“This locally made product could very well be the catalyst to increase efficiency.”

He commended the works done by both companies to help improve farm yields.

Basic Industries Limited is the holding company for Standard Concrete Industries Ltd, which is the subsidiary company for Fijian Holdings Limited.

The Aglime sold at 40kg will only cost $10 when compared to imported ones which costs between $30 to $40 or otherwise can be bought in bulk.

It is now available at Standard Concrete depot in Wailotua while it will soon be available at other Standard Concrete depots around the country including Nasinu, Lautoka and Labasa.

Chairman notes relevance Addressing a number of key stakeholders together with future distributors of the product in Fiji, Fijian Holdings Limited chairman Iowane Naiveli noted the relevance of manufacturing the product.

“The local agriculture industry is very important to Fijian Holdings because the majority of our shareholders are engaged in this sector,” Mr Naiveli said.

“The introduction of locally manufactured

Aglime in Fiji by one of our very own subsidiary companies will therefore create an additional return on investment for our shareholders.

Not only will they continue to receive dividends on their investment in Fijian Holdings but will now also enjoy agricultural benefits of locally manufactured Aglime.”

Mr Naiveli thanked the landowners of Wailotua on which the lime is extracted and where production is being made.

Acting Australian Head of Mission in Fiji Glen Miles said the Aglime product will provide for a more sustainable agriculture and rural development towards tackling rural poverty.

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