September 12, 2013

HA pays families to vacate land for development

07:04 Today (September 12, 2013)

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Mika Loga
Fifty families of Namara settlement along Khalsa outside Suva, have been offered ten thousand dollars each by the Housing Authority to vacate the land.
The land at Tacirua East is being developed for housing.
The decision was a result of increasing demand for housing in the central division, which according to the Authority, is reaching a critical point.
Housing Authority spokesperson Dwain Qalovaki told FBC News, the money is to help the families continue on with life.
“The ten thousand dollar allocation that’s been given to these fifty families is in line with helping them dismantle their current properties. Then it’s to allow them transport their property towards their new location they’ve set up in. There will be points where they’ll need to buy new timber or buy new plyboard or more nails.”
The land in question is in the parcel of land leased to Housing Authority by the Mataqali Nawavatu of Kalabu for residential development.
And already, people have secured lots there.
Qalovaki says, the Authority will continue to negotiate with the families some of whom are reluctant to move.
“For the past few weeks we have been negotiating with these families and you’re exhausting all avenues and we are exhausting all avenues.”
The Housing Authority has also offered the families to purchase properties in the new subdivision.

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