September 20, 2013

RFMF on the move

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The foot crossing at Ratu Emeri Primary School in Bua.Military engineers given Govt pre-paid tasks

The Government is using the expertise and efficiency of Republic of Fiji Military Forces engineers to boost service delivery to the people.
Pre-paid government tasks costing $851,567 had been given to the engineers in the latest example of this faith in their ability to deliver.
These projects were confirmed yesterday by the engineering unit’s commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Semi Mocelutu.
“This job has been given to us by the Prime Minister’s Office and we will do them to the best of our abilities,” Lieutenant-Colonel Mocelutu said.
The RFMF engineers, he said, had the capacity to effectively carry out these various tasks.
He said they had expertise 
in constructing bridges, foot crossings and bailey bridges,   constructing buildings, repairing and constructing new roads and jetties.
He said they had another 24 projects currently in progress all around Fiji but this would not affect their new task.
Now, he said, they were preparing for new deployments to carry out the pre-paid tasks.
The Govt’s pre-paid tasks are  -
a.    Bainimarama Primary Sch, Navosa Province – 1 x teacher’s quarter -  $57,359.96;
b.    Qarani Village, Gau foot bridge  -   $19,529.07;
c.    Malawai Village, Gau foot bridge – $155,960.00;
d.    Vunidawa Sanatan Primary Sch, Naitasiri  – general repairs  and 1x teacher’s quarters – $92,078.97;
e.    Nabitu Primary Sch, Nadroga /Navosa – school renovation  $102,302.92;
f.    Vanuakula Catholic School, Naitasiri – repair of dormitory  $21,721.93;
g.    Bemana Catholic Sch – 1x new dormitory , 1 x 7 pan ablution block and 1 x dining hall $177,090.50;
h.    Vesaru Sanatan Primary School – overall school repairs $141,842.82; and
i.    Wainibuka Junior Sec Sch Nayavu – constrution of a 1 x 3 classroom block – $83,681.42
Pre paid works total:    $851,567.59
The CO Engineers said all teams would be given a timeframe to work on their projects and food rations would be forwarded according to the timeframes.
This, he said, will be done so that all pre-paid tasks were completed on time.
All team leaders, he said, knew of the repercussions they would face if the work was not done on time.

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Ateca.V said...

Thats what the army should be doing in a normal everyday situation in a normally functioning democracy ... not like this however in a dictatoship as the vehicle for propaganda and buying votes for the "Military Party".

I smell a foul stench in the air thats for sure.