September 08, 2009

Interim Regime Retaliates Against Fiji Times

It's pathetic, well and truly bizarre and not unusual to kid's fights in the sandbox.

Perhaps because of Netani Rika's unflinching stand on media freedom, Bainimarama himself has given the order for all Government entities to cease all business arrangements with the Fiji Times ASAP.

Unless we're mistaken the impact on Fiji Times' bottom-line would be negligible to say the least.

Total Govt subscriptions (as perks of the current illegal and treasonous Ministers and their CEOs) would amount to about 40 copies/day x 5 days (approximately).

In terms of advertising, consumers still prefer Fiji Times (just check their circulation numbers and overall quality over the Post and the Sun).

Therefore if the Interim Govt needs something communicated to the masses (because they're still trying to win hearts and minds folks), consumers are simply not going to forego their loyalties just because the IG has a beef with the Fiji Times.

This should be interesting.

Let's see who caves in first. We might even start taking tallies.

Buy the Fiji Times only folks. Vote with your pockets.

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Fiji Democracy Now said...

We at Fiji Democracy Now suspect that this may have been motivated by the Fiji Sun. We know many people who say they've give up buying the Sun since it became a pathetic tool of the regime.