March 09, 2011

11 Civil Servants now aid and abet the military regime

Any more nonsense by certain individuals at the highest level of officialdom, claiming that they are simply working to put food on the table should now ring hollow.

Let us commend the following non-military appointees (with the exception of Vaniqi) for signing their names in blood to uphold an illegal and treasonous military regime and their fallacious Charter:
  1. Parmesh Chand
  2. Taina Tagicakibau
  3. Jale Fotofili
  4. Filimone Waqabaca
  5. Solo Mara
  6. Pita Wise
  7. Dr Brij Lal
  8. Cama Tuiloma
  9. Manasa Vaniqi
  10. Elizabeth Powell
  11. Dr Sala Saketa
Avinesh Gopal
Wednesday, March 09, 2011

ELEVEN permanent secretaries have signed their performance agreement that focuses on the framework set out in ministerial annual corporate plans.

Out of the 21 permanent secretaries, 11 signed the agreement with Public Service Commission chairman, Josefa Serulagilagi at the PSC headquarters yesterday.

Mr Serulagilagi said the agreement also focused on how activities contributed to the objectives of each ministerial portfolio during the permanent secretary's term in office.

He said the most important aspect of the annual corporate plans was that each plan is directly linked to the People's Charter.

"It guides the Government's direction in pursuance of developmental activities and provision of a whole range of social and economic services," Mr Serulagilagi said.

"These accountabilities are aimed at prioritising the delivery and quality of public goods and services and ensures that public funds and resources are used in an accountable, transparent and efficient manner."

The PSC reviews the performance of each permanent secretary at the end of every year and the signing is an annual event that takes place in the first quarter of the new year.

Permanent secretaries who signed the agreement were Parmesh Chand, Taina Tagicakibau, Jale Fotofili, Filimone Waqabaca, Solo Mara, Pita Wise, Dr Brij Lal, Cama Tuiloma, Manasa Vaniqi, Elizabeth Powell and Dr Sala Saketa.


Anonymous said...

What - Brij Lal ???
The same beloved Professor ?

Keep The Faith said...

@ Anon: No this Dr Brij Lal is ENTIRELY different. He is the military appointed PS for Education with ultra close ties to FNU.

Check him out here: