March 17, 2011

Bainimarama stuffs up Melanesian Alliance

This is probably the reason why the now deposed Prime Minister of Vanuatu resisted Fiji's muscling in of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) Chairmanship in the first place.

Not discounting the fact that the illegal and treasonous Bainimarama is utterly clueless in how politics (and regional Melanesian politics in particular) works, by inviting Indonesia to attend the meeting after being won over by their soft diplomacy, he has incurred the wrath of West Papuans.

The presence of Luxembourg at this grand Melanesian economic shindig should prove interesting also. 

Bainimarama's recent antics may therefore derail any attempts at economic unification such as that proposed by the Solomon Islands.

Whatever happens, the Melanesians should heed the benefit of their experience when dealing with Bainimarama.

If he cannot prove his loyalty to the people of Fiji by trashing the laws of this country, there is no guarantee that he will prove his loyalty to the MSG either -- because five years down the line, the people of Fiji know that it is almost always about him.
Fiji’s Bainimamara hails MSG summit as new beginning
Posted at 01:45 on 16 March, 2011 UTC

The interim Fiji leader, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says the participation of three new countries in this month’s Melanesian Spearhead Group meeting in Fiji signals a new beginning for the sub-regional body.

Commodore Bainimarama, who is the chair of the MSG, has welcomed the involvement of East Timor, Indonesia and Luxembourg in the meeting.

Fiji was due to host the summit last July but the then chair Vanuatu’s prime minister, Edward Natapei, cancelled the meeting, raising concerns about an unelected leader assuming the chair of the organisation.

Mr Natapei said that this would have threatened the fundamental democratic principles of the MSG.

When Mr Natapei was voted out of office late last year the path was cleared for Commodore Bainimarama to become chair.

The Fiji Sun reports that Indonesia and East Timor will be participating as observers this year while a representative from Luxembourg will attend as a special guest.

The meetings officially start next Wednesday when trade officials hold talks, with the leaders’ summit scheduled for March the 31st at the Vale ni Bose complex in Suva.


Anonymous said...

Clueless Bainimarama is an embarrasment to Fiji. He has no idea about diplomacy which involves dealing with others civilly, sensitivily, respectfully etc. His dealings with Pacific leaders and especially people of Fiji , Aust and NZ exposes his idiocy and brual lack of diplomacy. Cannot expect much from an uneducated lowlife.

Fiji and the Pacific will be far better off if somebody knocks his brain over.

Anonymous said...

If inviting non Melanesian countries to observe and be guests will help our already struggling economy than let it be. If they can help the region progress than let it be. If it doesn't than the members should tell Frank straight up in his face like a man and not use the media to voice there concern.
If we just run our mouths off what good does it do?
We might attract curious listeners and readers. We may hope that there will be power in numbers, but what will it do for our country, family, friends, etc.
We may all have different views on issues that affect our homeland, but the question is how can you and i help Fiji be a better place without being to hypocritical and pointing at others. Forget Bainimarama, forget Speight, forget the wrongs you and i have done in the past. Let us work together for the future, thats what matters. I dont want my kids to struggle like you and i have done. Lets be the ones that does move Fiji forward and not have our personal emotions and agendas make the decisions for us.
For you and I to be patriotic is great, but to be educated,skilled and patriotic, we will be of a more help to Fiji than to ourselves.

Anonymous said...

next to the MSG membership will be CHINA.

FijiGirl said...

The only reason Indonesia is attending the MSG is to see how much further they can go in exploiting them.
God bless Fiji