March 15, 2011

Military regime pushes "public relations" campaign

Could the illegal and treasonous military regime's antics get any more predictable or lame?

The exposure campaign must be getting them agitated somewhat, especially after public uncensored confirmation of their human rights abuses has bought them under the global spotlight once again.
Soldiers reachout to elderly and disadvantaged
Maneesha Karan
Monday, March 14, 2011

ABOUT 50 military personnel from Sukunaivalu Barracks conducted cleaning campaigns at three venues in Labasa on Saturday.

The soldiers visited the senior citizens home Babasiga Ashram, the School for Special Children and at the Labasa court house.

Sergeant Iosefa Taione said such activities helped create a healthy relationship between the military force and the community.

"We have come forth to help the community which we believe will create a good relationship and trust with the people," Sgt Taione said.

"There are teams of personnel dispersed at different areas.

"The cleaning activity will be followed by our military training."

The teams were engaged in weeding of the cassava patch, flower garden, clearing bushes and husking coconuts.

"We are here only to conduct the cleaning campaign and hope the elderly get the message that we care about them.

"The residents will see us working at their home and we hope they appreciate our efforts," Sgt Taione said.


ex Fiji tourist said...

Maybe they were weeding the cassava patch on bananasinpyjamas' orders so that his next attempt at a world record for cassava patch sprinting will be unhindered.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least they have something to do that will parallel with their fortnightly pay.....or otherwise it will be wot my uncle 2nd Lieutenant shared....."drau, qo sign in ga...caka drill, handover vei Sarge, so tale na ka lalai....touch rugby, then call it a day!"