March 25, 2011

More civil service job cuts on the horizon

Reckless spending and feckless policies by the illegal and treasonous military regime are now coming home to roost with more civil service job losses on the horizon.

While we feel for civil service and the uncertainty and low morale that will inevitably accompany this news, the tinkering around the empty coffers will be an exercise in futility.

Sadly for the taxpayers, the coup-backing Parmesh Chand and his never-ending endeavour to cull the civil service workforce (by 10% is a figure that we know Chand wants), they are targetting the exact government service divisions that citizens depend on the most - health, education and public works.

Even if health, education and public works are the most personnel-heavy divisions of the civil service, it is intended that way in order for them to provide the services that taxpayers require (and pay for). 

Culling their numbers ultimately means that these services will deteriorate even more. 
5 government ministries to be down-sized
Friday, March 25, 2011

A study is being carried out on five government ministries as part of reforms says Public Service permanent secretary – Parmesh Chand.

Chand says the study is in its final stages and work on reforms will commence in the next quarter.

“So this study will come up with a number of findings and recommendations in terms of streamlining, rationalisation and right sizing and that itself will give us lot of work to do in terms of right sizing and reforms.”

Ministries under review are Health, Education, Public Works, Agriculture and Fisheries and Forest.

Report by: Ritika Pratap

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