March 22, 2011

Nazhat Shameem continues to milk taxpayers funds dry

Even as the economy teeters and the sugar industry is dying, the illegal and treasonous military regime can still find the cash to pay overnight governance expert, Nazhat Shameem, (herself a coup collaborator) to tell her military posse how to do governance.

Never mind that the civil service can get this training FREE from the UN or NGOs or that the Public Service Commission's (PSC) training arm is well placed to do it OR that the Training and Productivity Authority (TPAF) has the full competence to provide it.

It certainly is very telling that Naupoto is waxing lyrical about the training she provides, as a "necessary" deterrent to corruption.

The very definition of good governance is characterized by values that the military regime and their supporters continue to trample on. So there's no bang for the buck there we're afraid.
Naupoto applauds training program
Mary Rauto
Thursday, March 17, 2011

THE training program for permanent secretaries has been described as beneficial.

Fisheries and Forests permanent secretary Viliame Naupoto said a session on governance with former High Court judge Nazhat Shameem was necessary.

"It is to ensure the work relationship in your ministry from the minister right down to the bottom is correct and allows for good governance," he said.

"Practising good governance deters corrupt activities.

"There are enough examples around where good governance was missing, resulting in corruption."

Mr Naupoto said last week's program discussed project governance.

"Project governance ensures there is value for money," he said.

"It is very relevant for my ministry.

"I sat with some of my staff trying to adopt some of the things we've learnt.

"I think the big learning thing is that we should not only use the resources given but that these resources be used to maximum value.

"The course provided tools to do it and I think it is what we need right now."


Call Girl said...

For the junta and supporters these exercises are a complete sham and none of them believes in it one iota. Shameem has a gravy train shitting out all these decrees and laws. Its a great racket for her. If there are no decrees to put out, she goes on these expensive and corrupt seminars and makes more money from the poor tax payers. The SVT must be regretting of being responsible for giving her a leg up as DPP. They created a monster which will have to be put down soon.

Jake said...

Where did this idot Napoto came from. If he is learning this now he shouldn't be there in the first place. The so called expert was a former DPP and High Court Judge with no experience whatsoever in the relationship between Ministers, PS and projects or whatever. A load of bull crap.

discombobulated said...

Woilei...... Naupoto will applaud anything because he is a puppet.

But of course we knew that they (the junta appointees) only exist day to day to glorify and justify each other's hollow existence.

Its like being enclosed in an echo chamber .. heil heil heil ...

... ptuiptui.

FijiGirl said...

Since when did good lawyers make good managers?
Oh, that's right. Shamimi is not a good lawyer...
God bless Fiji