August 18, 2011

EU remains silent on lapsed 6-month sanction extension from Sept 2010

The European Union, once a staunch supporter of Fiji's return to civilian democracy that even went out of its to  with-hold valuable aid in a carrot and stick approach, now appears to be softening their position after the 6-month sanction triggered in September 2010 has lapsed without so much as a feeble whimper -- a total about-turn to previous statements of compelling demands.

The EU however takes our fish (and possibly ginger most recently in Fiji) through selective trade agreements with resource rich Papua New Guinea and Fiji, and signals a feeble reversal of the EU's policy even as their "South Pacific" presence continues to raise the ire of EU taxpayers.

The EU is also believed to be funding the spanking new NGO of the illegal and treasonous Nazhat Shameem, that props up the regime by way of "training".

Questions must be asked of the EU's hypocritical pussy-footing on values such as the rule of law and democracy that the EU claims to be a major beacon of.

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Meteliko said...

Thanks for your info on the Hypocritical UE action on Fiji illegal govt. The UE should be exposed for their double standard if it is what you said is truth, they should all work together in exposing the brutal action of the Banimarama's illegal govt. UE should stop their lip services and follow the acvtion of the US in exposing the crazy PM of Fiji and his idiotic action, thanks for bringing this news to the public. Moce.