August 16, 2011

Sri Lankan Anti-Graft prosecutor spills the beans

The drama in Fiji's supposed anti-graft body FICAC, as we broke in June, has now come to a head with one of the sacked Sri Lankan prosecutors, Mr Madhwa Tennakoon, now making public the extent of the political interference by the illegal and treasonous military regime, as many had suspected.

The FICAC folks, should be shaking in their shoes right about now, now that they have become well and truly unmasked.
Political interference in Fiji prosecutions alleged
Updated August 16, 2011 14:26:24

A former senior staffer with the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption says people in the country have been prosecuted for political reasons.

Madhwa Tenakoon, a Sri Lankan lawyer who was the Manager Legal for FICAC, says human rights lawyer Imrana Jalal and her husband Sakiusa Tuisolia were prosecuted over a licence for their fried chicken restaurant because Ms Jalal was seen as an opponent of the coup installed military government.

Ms Jalal says these comments vindicate what she said at the time, that she was being targeted by the regime because of her human rights activities.

Madhwa Tenakoon was one of three prosecutors dismissed from their jobs in Fiji recently.

He says that was because they objected to what they saw as political interference in the legal system.

Presenter: Bruce Hill
Speaker: Madhwa Tenakoon, a Sri Lankan lawyer who was Manager Legal for FICAC; Imrana Jalal, Former Fiji human rights activist and lawyer
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Anonymous said...

Wow.......... what can the Ficac spokesperson say about this and i'm sure illegal AG will deny this......

we can imagine the fate of other Sri Lankans who give priority to few Dollars than their Policies.

God bless Fiji


Anonymous said...

You Corrupt Sri Lankans

If not Why still serving the Military Regime.

Damnn shame on you people, giving up your pride and dignity for few dollars.