November 23, 2012

200 families to have housing debts written off

Publish date/time: 23/11/2012 [16:14]

People who are facing difficulties in paying their mortgage debts to the Housing Authority of Fiji can breathe a sigh of relief as some of their loans will be written off.

The government has set aside $1 million for next year to write off loans for 200 families under the government social housing policy through the Housing Authority.

Director Housing, Kolinio Bola said this will assist those are not able to pay their loans.

Meanwhile, $600,000 has been allocated as a grant to the Housing Assistance and Relief Trust, which will cover the construction of new HART homes and maintenance of existing ones.

There are more than 20 HART homes around the country.

One million dollars has also been set aside for the squatter upgrading and resettlement project which will be directed toward completing ongoing projects at Caubati, Sasawira, Ledrusasa, Cuvu and Narere.

Story by: Praneeta Deo

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