November 22, 2012

Education Ministry expected to get the biggest budget allocation

Publish date/time: 22/11/2012 [13:04]

The Education Ministry is expected to get the biggest budget allocation again next year.

This year 6 new infant schools were constructed in Cakaudrove, Wainunu, Vatubalavu, Yasawa and Lekutu.

The Education budget allocation was $257 million for this year which is an increase of $9 million.

Three junior secondary schools were also upgraded to Form 6 this year.

These schools were Bemana, Nabala and Ratu Luke Junior Secondary Schools.

The free text book and bus fare scheme for students continued this year.  

For tertiary education, $28 million was provided to Fiji National University to support its capital development and operations. 

The University of the South Pacific received $36 million and will have a 5% increase in tuition fees from next year across the board.

University of Fiji received $3 million. 

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

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