December 12, 2012

Roads dug up by China Railway to be fixed by next year

Publish date/time: 11/12/2012 [16:42]

All roads and footpaths that have been dug up or graded by the China Railway Company and not tarsealed will be sealed by the end of April next year.

This is according to the Water Authority of Fiji who has been contracting the China Railway Company to upgrade sewerage systems around the country.

Fijivillage visited some sites around Suva and raised questions on many of the works carried out where the company has dug up roads, laid pipes and then just covered the roads without properly sealing them.

This has resulted in properly sealed roads getting damaged and many potholes opening up.

This has been left for a few months and is becoming hazardous for motorists.

Water Authority spokesperson Fulori Turaga said it is part of the China Railway Company’s contract that they seal the roads and that they accept that some works have been too slow but have been taking active steps to reduce the repair time with more repairs still in progress.

According to Turaga, the reason why some of the repairs are taking long is that all excavated trenches should settle for the first week or so and this is to avoid the brand new seal from cracking.

Story by: Filipe Naikaso

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