April 08, 2009

3pm, 9 April 2009: Your Date with the Court

This time tomorrow, the world will know whether or not our Appeals courts of the Judiciary is still intact. The next phase of course will be the Supreme Court should Qarase’s bid to challenge the legality of the coup of 6/12 fail. After that, the world’s legal courts are WIDE OPEN for action.

But the flood of parachute QC’s descending onto our courts is cause for concern because the heavyweights in the military regime’s legal corner are practically stealing food from mouths of people in this country as taxpayers pay for their illegal services.

Shaista Shameem’s "friend to the court" attempts were laughable at best as she apparently had to be prodded along by the learned Judges (not a good sign Shaista). Thankfully the CCF is also armed to the hilt with their own QC and also appearing as amicus in the Qarase Appeal. They are giving her a run for her money in relation to the constitutional interpretation of the extent of the President's powers.

We are however totally flummoxed at Jioji Kotobalavu’s sudden legal expertise on the validity of the powers of the police re: searches in the Fiji Times office. The University of Fiji’s legal programme must be that good that one can graduate in 2 years. Amazing. That surely must be real, quality education that the USP will now have to beat—with AUSAID bailing USP out today, the market share for quality higher education is just about to get interesting.

As for the latest developments in the farcical political forum dialogue, perhaps it is becoming clear to all that it was doomed from the start.

The regional Forum Leaders Meeting and the Forum-Fiji Joint Working Group is not happening any time soon and May is but day's away. With the Chair of PNG resigning, the political Melanesian signals are as clear as day.

When will the lights switch on for with these political folks? Bainimarama does not negotiate y’all. It’s his way, the high way or Driti’s way. All of which are not options.

How is your ticker these days by the way Bainimarama? May is creeping up real fast.

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