April 20, 2009

There will be an after

As much as some take delight in rubbishing this regime or whatever tag we give it, the focus or part of it anyway, must be on what happens when all this is over and done with.

By now, most people would have come to realise the removal of government using illegal means, is, and never will be a good thing.

There are also some who are questioning the role of a military in Fiji. Is it worth it keeping something of that size in a country which does have not have anything worth pludering? Some will argue that our peacekeepers have contributed to our GDP and all that goes with it. And that ex-soldiers are responsible for remittances.

To balance it all out, are all those dollars worth the troubles that Fiji has been put through since 1987 by the military?

Now that Voreqe and company have established their new order, the Constitution is abrogated, and so there is no treason and the punsihment by hanging is no more. As Rabuka guaranteed his own skin after 1987, we can be assured that the new order will also do the same for Voreqe and his lot.

Some are asking what will the military do if the new parliament, when we do get one, wants to punish the people who did this to Fiji. Who knows what will happen in the future?

And what will the military, after the talk of equal representation and the same value for all votes, give themselves some representation in parliament. And appoint a president, who up until the duly selected one could only sign off on Bills after it had been passed by both Houses of Parliament, actually has veto powers?

Elections are still only a promise. But we can all safely assume that they will not allow the next group of leaders to put them away.

How do we go about it then?

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