April 12, 2009

Treacherous Traitors of High Treason

In Coup5 Land, Iloilo is now left high and dry as Bainimarama garlands the full weight of responsibility for the abrogation of the constitution, like a loose noose around Iloilo’s neck. This by the way ladies, gents, boys & girls is the guy who you are supposed to put your faith in to lead the country for the next 5 years.

Cowardice, theft, lies, double-crossing and self-preservation are the values we will continue to see in this self-appointed and treasonous leader.

In the very next breath, Bainimarama tramples haphazardly all over the Head of States toes and declares that HE will now put in place all kinds of decrees (who’s in charge again?) to keep the country humming.

How convenient and sly. It’s Iloilo’s name and seal after all that is on all these farcical decrees and published in the gazette for validation. No prizes for guessing who’s going to take the final fall for the strategic scheming that we know Bainimarama is intellectually incapable of.

For the record, Iloilo’s nail in his coffin re: killing the constitution can be read here while Bainimarama’s pathetic ass-protecting speech made last night FJ time declaring “Fiji’s Fresh New Pile Of Dung Start” can be read here.

Bainimarama has done nary a thing to really move the country forward in the last 2 years, how he espouses to do so now in the next 5 years will only consist of more of the same “hogging at the trough” crap essentially.

Rabuka’s coups stunts of ’87 are rolling out and it is very obvious that “cut & paste” tactics will be used.

Keep your seatbelts on people and prepare to be entertained for more Et tu, Brute stuff that’s sure to roll out in the coming days.

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