April 14, 2009

We still know what you’re up to…

Now see here Bainimarama. You can take as many of us folks up there as you like, but stop for a goddamn minute and think mada (if that’s something even remotely possible within your bubble of a brain). If you keep this up you will essentially have hordes up there – do you have the space and money (for food, water) to keep us all?

Just like before, you are apparently trying to stop internet access. You won’t win on this one buddy.

As you play mapolo all over the place, you have effectively killed the productivity of a nation for 1 day. Think about what that’s going to cost you as illegal Finance Minister (guffaw) as your cowboy & injun games continue.

What’s worse is that with your induced media black-out, the rumour mills will also stifle productivity. Let the media do their job without fear or favour.

Keeping these games up only delays the economic death that you and your henchmen will now have to incompetently deal with.

Nice one by the way today lawyers. Take a bow.


Anonymous said...

I was of the understanding that the Fiji military are still actively involved in UN duties around the globe. This I was told provides a generous source of income to the military. When will we see the UN advise Fiji that there services are no longer required given the current state of their own backyard?

Anonymous said...


Keep The Faith said...

Bula Anon -- the developments on that issue at this link:

is perhaps more telling of the lobbying now happening in NY in that regard.

Tim said...

Doh! Awww! Shucks! says Frank. I never thought of that! I was too busy throwing a little tantrum