March 27, 2010

8 year old girl indecently assaulted in school

Someone's 8-year old daughter/grand-daughter/niece left for school on Thursday morning not realising the tragedy that would befall their child later that day.

When even schools in broad daylight are a predatory grounds for lawless inhumane attacks such as this, it is  crystal clear validation that the social and moral fabric of the society that is Fiji's, is well on its way towards total disintegration.

And we can assert here that because treasonous lawlessness has pervaded the country through Bainimarama's military regime at the very top, the signal that it sends to the populace is clear: Break the Law because you can get away with it as we have.

This is a sad day for Fiji and citizens can only expect to see many, many more incidents like this.

We are failing as a society because we have allowed lawlessness to take us over without so much as a whimper, and we did not dig our heels in to demand that the rules for our society remained intact and paramount.

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