March 27, 2010

PSC Ramps Up Real Estate Business

You would be forgiven for thinking that the Public Service Commission (PSC) had suddenly found itself a new statutory role.

As far as the Public Service Commission Act 1999 goes, this is what we understand their mandate to be:
Public Service Commission’s statutory functions

11.-(1) In addition to its constitutional functions, the Public Service Commission has the following functions--

(a) to consider and report to the Government on public service issues;
(b) to promote and uphold the Service Values and the Code of Conduct, and to monitor and evaluate-
(i) the extent to which Ministries departments and parliament bodies have adopted the Public Service Values;
(ii) the extent to which the structure of the public service supports the Public Service Values;
(iii) the adequacy of the systems and procedures in Ministries departments and parliamentary bodies for ensuring compliance with the Public Service Code of Conduct ;
(c) to develop promote review and evaluate public service employing policies anti practices;
(d) to facilitate continuous improvement in human resources management the public service;
(e) to provide or facilitate training and career development for the public service (including public service examinations ) and to coordinate support service-wide training and career development opportunities in the public service insofar as those functions are not performed by some other body;
(f) to contribute to, and foster, leadership in the public service;
(g) to review, and advise the Government on the structure, size and composition of the public service, including the creation amalgamation and abolition of Ministries and departments, the functions of departments and staffing levels in Ministries and departments
(h) to perform in relation to employees the functions of an employer including but not limited to-

(i) the classification of employees;
(ii) the duties of employees, and the places where they are to performed;
(iii) the transfer of employees to and between Ministries and departments.
(iv) the setting of remuneration and other terms of employment unless another written law confers those functions on some other people or body in relation to any employment or class of employee;
(i) to ensure that adequate office accommodation is provided for the public service ;and

(j) to supervise physical working conditions in the public service as required.

(k) if requested, to give advice and assistance to Ministries, departments and other service Commissions in relation to public service issues; and

(l) to perform any other functions given to the Commission by or under this Act or any other written law.

(2) The Public Service Commission must, if directed by the Ownership Minister for a statutory authority--
(a) investigate and report on the state of the statutory authority and give a copy of the report to the Ownership Minister, and
(b) give advice and assistance co the statutory authority in relation to--

(i) its management or employment policies and practices;
(ii) training or career development for its employees.
(2) In this section--
"department" includes a parliamentary body;
"employee" includes a wage earner.

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