March 11, 2010

Radio Talk-back Show's Now Under Scrutiny

Because the issue of homosexual "decriminalization" is so sensitive and the decree more or less pushed down our throats without consultation or endorsement, it is not surprising that:
(a) many are getting the wrong end of the stick and 
(b) many took to the popular radio talk-back show's to highlight their displeasure.

So the Illegal and Treasonous Actg DPP, Aca Rayawa, [and boy oh boy how his old man would be turning in his grave if he could see him now] is now forced to clarify that the the decree does NOT allow for gay marriages.

Which in turn gives his fellow military comrade, Neumi Leweni, an excuse to clamp-down on the radio talk-back shows, even BEFORE the new and illegal media decree (and the tribunal but as is evident what's the point anyway) comes into force.
No gay marriages in Fiji
Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Acting DPP, Aca Rayawa has clarified that the new Crimes Decree does not allow for gay marriages in the country.

Rayawa made the statement after Communication Fiji Limited’s Viti FM station ran a talk back show last week stating that the new Crimes Decree had approved gay marriages.

Rayawa says this is a total lie, and the public is being misled.

Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni says the station breached the Public Emergency Regulations and has referred the matter to the Police.

Leweni says the Viti FM talk back show was irresponsible and caused a lot of unnecessary confusion.

Leweni warned media outlets the PER is still in place and they’re monitoring all news items being produced.

After the talk-back show Leweni wrote to broadcast media organizations directing that all talk-back show topics will have to be made known to the Ministry of Information, a week before they go on air.

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