March 31, 2010

Fiji TV and Fiji Times now permitted to participate in Media Decree consultations

No wonder the illegal and treasonous Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is almost choking while making this announcement (ref 0:22 mark on the video) -- it's an admission on the military regime's part that their original intent to side-line these 2 media outlets from participation in the illegal Media Decree consultations, was foolhardy and wrong.

Apparently the draft Media Industry Development Decree is now ready and the government is expected to have consultations April 7 in Suva, on April 8 in Labasa and in Lautoka on April 10.

That in itself should set off alarm bells for the 2 media houses. They are only being allowed to participate BECAUSE the regime may not have any intention of altering what they believe are appropriate rules for keeping the media under control. Perhaps there is also an expectation that all media houses will rock up to these 1-day consultations to rubber-stamp the regime's vision of "fair, accurate and responsible reporting".

The draft decree apparently establishes a Media Industry Development Authority which monitors compliance with the media codes of standard.

The decree also establishes an Independent Media Tribunal which is to hear complaints against media organisations and individuals and the tribunal will have powers to hand down rulings. 

Essentially it's another farce in the making.

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